Daily Affirmations to Nourish Your Consciousness

Tuesday, September 19th

As the Autumn Equinox approaches, and day comes to balance night, I open my heart to a balance within me between peace and creativity.

Wednesday, September 20th

Life is revealing its vibrancy in beautiful color. I am grateful for sights, flavors and fragrances that come back around in this season. I'm watching the Earth changing her garments for a new season.

Thursday, September 21st

Northern Lights begin to crackle in the far north at this time of year. What magic! I open, with wonder and delight, to the magic that is all around me in my own part of the world.

Friday, September 22nd

Sacred Equinox! This day marks a nearly equal day and night, the balance of masculine and feminine, the sun and the moon. I reclaim my own balance as I celebrate the season.

Saturday, September 23rd

Creativity is calling me. I invite the Divine Creative urge to flow through me and into the world in ways that bring fulfillment, pleasure and hope.

Sunday, September 24th

Collaboration and cooperation bring forth new, creative responses to every challenge. I know my challenges are engaging me in deepening my connection to All That Is and connecting me more fully to the Loved Ones all around me.

Monday, September 25th

I am listening, Spirit, I am listening.