Tuesday, October 24th

The Divine permeates everything and everyone. The Mind of the Infinite is Omnipresent therefore It is within me. Because the Divine knows whatever I need to know, It is available to me where I am, right here and now. I let myself open to this knowing now.

Wednesday, October 25th

Life begins again and again, persistently. Whatever I must release, I let go of gracefully and gratefully, knowing that greater good is coming forward for me now.

Thursday, October 26th

I live my life in integrity. I choose honesty and connection moment by moment, and when I am fearful I remember that the Universe always says, “YES!” and operates from Truth.

Friday, October 27th

Balance is dynamic, not static, so I know that true balance moves along a continuum. I choose to be aware of my own balance between doing and being so that I can be replenished with creative ideas and energy as I engage in deep, healthy self-care.

Saturday, October 28th

Play and celebration come naturally to us as children. I let myself practice and rediscover these healthy, happy responses to life, love and wholeness.

Sunday, October 29th

Genuine Love meets others where they are without judgment. Sometimes it's easy for me to come from this Love, and I embrace those moments. When it's difficult for me, I surrender the effort to the Divine Presence.

Monday, October 30th

It's nearly Samhain! I honor the fall season and all the Ancestors whose lives cleared the way for us. I choose to be a beacon for the descendants coming after us.

Daily Affirmations to Nourish Your Consciousness