Strengthen Your Relationship

Every new couple experiences unique attractions that draw them together, along with a combination of unique challenges.

Now dynamic research evidence demonstrates 7 Principles that make a relationship thrive or unravel it.

Why Struggle? Use What Works!


The Seven Principles

for Making Marriage Work

A Breakthrough Adventure for Couples

created by Dr. John Gottman

facilitated by Mary Murray Shelton

Create a marriage that’s as beautiful as your wedding!


When Dr. John Gottman began researching the quality of married couples’ relationships in 1972, he thought he had discovered just what made marriages fail.

Gottman assumed that teaching this to couples would help make their marriages strong. But it wasn’t enough. Just teaching people what not to do doesn’t make marriages thrive.

Dr. Gottman had to find out what made some marriages successful and happy in spite of their challenges. And he did!

Using more than 4 decades of research with over 3,000 couples, Gottman identified 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work (click the link to see Gottman’s book of the same title).

Following up that research, Gottman did a 12 year study of same gender committed couples. He soon discovered that although these relationships have some different strengths and challenges than straight couples, the same seven principles he had discovered also applied in those relationships.

I facilitate The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, using Dr. Gottman’s own material, to teach these success principles to committed couples in a supportive environment. This can be done in a class, or individually with couples who want to work on these principles together with guidance and spiritual support.

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Yes, you can have a marriage as beautiful as your wedding!