Touching Hearts, Opening Minds & Joining Hands

You know how sometimes people with a passion to make the world a better place can waste time struggling to build a team, increase and keep clients, and create mutually beneficial partnerships with colleagues?

I help these visionary leaders and business owners create profitable collaborations that last so they don't have to tear their hair out trying to figure out what's missing.

Connection matters. Without it no relationship succeeds. Some of us are brilliant at connecting, while others are unaware that they aren't building real relationships with a future.

With over 30 years experience as a professional speaker, teacher, facilitator and ceremonialist, and as a published author, I have been sought out for my ability to connect with individuals and groups.

In addition to my career as an ordained minister, I managed a million dollar department for a large west coast company for several years. I've worked with volunteers and with a large staff. I've guided large churches (over 1,000) and small ones (fewer than 100).

If you're passionate about your vision and aren't willing to keep struggling and waiting to grow your business with collaborative connections that last, this work is for you.

My work is touching hearts, opening minds and joining hands.

I want my heart touched, my mind open and my hands joined with others. I hope that my life, in both work and play, invites others into these experiences in delightful and surprising ways–ways that lead to irresistible and irreversible transformation.

I invite you to  explore the links, think, feel consider, and see where this participation leads you.  Who knows what you may discover?

Blessings and Namaste!