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If we can let ourselves enjoy a beautiful day, even when we have problems to solve,

we can be happy.

Let's stop overlooking our familiar good

and see how much

of it we already have.

Be happy now.

Why wait?

Enjoy what’s

already yours!

If living a meaningful spiritual life without living in an ashram appeals to you, this website is for you.

I believe it’s possible to make the world a better place–a world that works for everyone–and I know that one person can make a difference.

Science tells us we are all profoundly connected–a validation of something many of us feel intuitively.

Yet sometimes we need help applying what we know in our heads and hearts to our everyday lives.

This website is abundantly stocked with spiritual tools to use as you go about the work and play of life.

Wander freely...discover what’s here for you.

I’m glad we’ve found each other.

Let the transformation begin!

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