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This blog, exploring life’s possibilities and mysteries, includes blogs that are funny, touching, inspiring and thought- provoking.

From time to time, you’ll also find video blogs here. These "vlogs" are short video thoughts and practices for quick spiritual nourishment. I  call some of these "Two Minute Miracles." Enjoy!

What Happens After the Fire?

Two weeks ago today I was rushing madly around our house, throwing things into bags and suitcases and helping my partner, Amanda, load our cars to evacuate from the fire zone rapidly spreading in Santa Rosa, CA. Our neighborhood was being emptied in a mandatory evacuation and the cul-de-sac

opposite our house was full of police officers, cars and motorcycles and they patiently worked to evacuate the neighborhood safely. ...read more

Cross the Threshold into a New Year

We have nearly reached the final hours of 2017, and what a year it has been. Take a moment now to reflect on what you've learned, significant choices you've made and events you experienced. What can you be grateful for? ...read more

Fasting or Feasting?

Tomorrow Valentine's Day 2018 will fall on the same day as Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent in the traditional Christian calendar. Lent is both an inward, quiet time to reflect on and atone for past mistakes, as well as a time for intentional acts of generosity: helping, donating, forgiving and compassion. ...read more

The Great Wheel Turns Again

I'm happy to announce that, yes, it's official, I will be the new Senior Minister and Community Spiritual Leader at the Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living beginning August 1, 2018...there is an entertaining story behind how this came about...read more