Tuesday, July 23rd

Possibilities always exist, beyond all appearances. I know that what I don't know is immense compared to what I do know. I open to the revelations of what has been unknown till now to support the changes that are ready to happen.

Wednesday, July 24th

We stand for life, freedom and happiness. We desire certainty, security and prosperity. All of these reside in the Sacred Mystery of the One. I turn my attention from the appearances of this moment to the Eternal Now and the Bountiful Here.

Thursday, July 25th

The magic of life's cycles is evident everywhere. We release someone at a funeral; the next day a neighbor welcomes a new child into the family. Snow melts away again and again, revealing brand new shoots of life emerging on the trees and shrubs. Today I welcome the newness in my life.

Friday, July 26th

The fruit of summer invites me with its generous, luscious juiciness. I choose to welcome these gifts and to savor them with amazement and gratitude, fully tasting every bite!

Saturday, July 27th

Just as the earth brings forth fresh bounty that belies her ancient beginnings, I bring forth fresh new creations to nourish and share with others. I'm grateful for the reminder that that the Universe, for me and through me, continues to renew and nurture.

Sunday, July 28th

The great wheel is turning once again, releasing old patterns and welcoming new ones, reinforcing some traditions and creating delightful innovative ways of blessing us. I embrace it all!

Monday, July 29th

Goodness is resilient and persistent. It always reasserts itself in surprising ways. Life is long and the ways of healing, revealing and restoring are many and varied. I let go into the Divine flow, trusting the current to bring me to exactly where I need to be right now.

Daily Affirmations to Nourish Your Consciousness