People who are infused with energy and commitment can catch a larger vision. That’s Step One.

If your group is committed but doesn’t have relationship building and sustaining skills, they can become an obstacle to carrying out your mission, no matter how dedicated.

Clarity and vision, plus intention and collaboration yield amazing business relationships and profits.

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“Last weekend we celebrated 60 years [at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa] and you were such a big part in making that Center what it is today. I just want you to know that of all the 64 years that I have been affiliated with a Church of Religious Science, from San Jose to Tahoe to Reno to Santa Rosa, you are the one standing out in my memory.”

Jacque Mielke, RScP, Ret.

"YOU are the BEST storyteller by far...I love your talks. They are not lectures or sermons. And, I LOVE your careful use of words.

Dana Erickson, Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle

"...Mary is a born leader and has the ability to inspire and transform people’s lives...I have been in a crowd that went from belly laughter to tears streaming down every face in the room. She is a scholar, a master and a sage."

Deborah Holmes, RN, CCH

“When she speaks it seems that she is talking directly to you. The size of her audience...doesn’t hinder [her] message or lesson...in each venue I felt that she was speaking directly to me.”

Karen Lyle, Resource Specialist and Secondary Teacher, Retired New Zealand

“I have been in Centres for Spiritual Living for 25 years and have seen and dealt with various ministers. None of them had the training, the ability, the caring, the devotion, or the organizational skills Mary has.”

Louise Long, Centre for Spiritual Living, British Columbia, Canada

“I’ve known...Mary for over 25 years. She is a Power for Good. I am TRULY Grateful for her guidance, her clear communication and her consciousness...My life has changed because of [her]. I am changed for the better.  Every day I since that first day I used the...tools that she taught me, I became wiser, stronger, confident and happy...”

Rosie Rodriguez, RScP

"...the information you disseminated continues to have far-reaching effects.

I continue recommending your book, and continue receiving compliments on the show… somehow the way you integrate information and then articulate it is so helpful. Steps to transformation are so SIMPLE, yet putting them into language people can understand is truly a gift."

Bela Johnson, Medical Intuitive Alternative Currents Radio

“[The] affirmations written by Mary Murray Shelton are absolutely wonderful for keeping our attention on what is real. If you use them, your life experience will change.”

  Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith    Founding Minister and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center


Thank you for the time you have spent instructing this class. I appreciate your insight and wisdom. Many of the lessons will stick with me for a long time...I believe forever... Thank you!

Sharon Lindsay, BC Teacher

I have just finished a course with Rev. Mary using a book by Ernest Holmes called This Thing Called You. Mary, I was truly inspired by your superb instruction. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was able to gain an even greater insight to my own sense of self... Thank you!!!

Georgia Nieken,School Principal, Ret.

Warm heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to participate in You Can Heal Your Life. More growth...baby steps.

You are Fabulous! I very much enjoyed my time shared with you and the others.

In Light and Love, Leea, CSL Student


I had the pleasure of working with Mary at a recent Board retreat. I found her preparation in advance of the retreat to be thorough and well thought out.

Her style was relaxed but deliberate, insightful and intent. She exercised great skill and command of the subject matter and was thoughtful in responding to concerns and questions.

...I was most impressed by the ease and grace Mary displayed in weaving our goals from the previous year into the material and exercises while never forgetting to underscore...principles we live by.

Her wisdom, insight, experience, joyfulness and sense of humor are noteworthy and make for a dynamic presenter and retreat facilitator. I also have to commend her for making the outline and planning custom to fit us instead of “canned”.

Maggie Wattle,Vice President, Board of Trustees, CSL Tahoe-Truckee, Ministerial Student, Holmes Institute

The way you connected us all, the women, me, my family, all those who come before us. And the symbolism of the redwoods... I am truly overwhelmed to clearly see how much I am loved. The amazing love and connection I felt transcended time and space. It was truly palpable. Thank you so much for this...

Laura Hallett, RScP, Sacred Circle Women’s Ministry, CSL Greater Las Vegas



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Step 4. Get ready for a transformative event!

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