Wedding Thank You Notes


Dear Reverend Mary,

Thanks for providing Samantha and Graham with a very beautiful and meaningful ceremony. You opened our hearts as you brought together our diverse families with a spiritual bond...

You crafted a living and loving ceremony incorporating elements from various faiths–with calm, deep, nurturing and loving spirit. Your genuine hope for their happiness culminated with a deep, soulful blessing of their rings and their marriage.

One of the nicest remarks was...”there is a lot of love in the room.”

Warm regards,

Arlene and Paul (parents of the bride)

Hi Mary,

We are sitting at the airport, ready to go [on our honeymoon]. I just had to tell you how happy we are

with our ceremony, thanks to you.

You helped create an amazing, loving atmosphere. Many friends and family also felt the ceremony was perfect. I just wanted to give you a quick hello and thank you!

Love sam and graham

San Francisco, CA

Dear Reverend Mary,

We would like to thank you for making our wedding ceremony very special and our marriage blessed. It was wonderful counting on you for the planning and the event.

We received numerous compliments from our guests about you and the beautiful original touches, specially the rose ceremony.

May God bless you and all you touch.

Namasté, Terry and Blanca

Vancouver, BC

Hi Mary,

Tyler and I wanted to thank you again for playing such a crucial role in our wedding.

People won't stop commenting on how amazing the ceremony was...thank you so much!

xoxo Rachael and Tyler

Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks again for the lovely service.  It all happened so perfectly, and it seems all the cooperative elements of the universe have come together to make things work out great for us. [It was] an amazing, touching ceremony from the heart as you do so well!

...You have touched our lives in a profound way, and we will be forever grateful to you for it!

Love and hugs,

Thomas & John, Vancouver, BC

We are two spiritual individuals who wanted a marriage ceremony which reflected that... We also wanted to keep in mind our guests, [with] varying levels of spirituality and religious beliefs. Rev Mary instantly created comfort and warmth with such a personal touch.

Everything – from our planning session with Mary and our wedding rehearsal to the day of our wedding ceremony – was effortless, connected, and most of all a reflection of us. Rev Mary is a unique wedding commissioner who captures an audience like no other!

After our wedding we had friends and family commenting on how beautiful our

wedding was, but by far the aspect that stood out the most was how meaningful and elegant our wedding ceremony was.

If you are looking for a wedding ceremony that is a true reflection of the bride and groom, with deep meaning and emotion, look no further!

Jay & Laura, Vancouver, BC

Hi Rev Mary -

    Randy and I are recently back from our honeymoon and wanted to thank you again for an absolutely beautiful wedding ceremony.

    Thanks to your assistance with pre-planning and calm assurance on the big day, the whole event went off without a hitch and was everything we had hoped it would be. 

    You took the time to really connect

with us and it made the ceremony profoundly personal and meaningful.

   Everyone in our families (which ran the spectrum from very Christian to atheist) all walked away touched by your words and prayers during the ceremony...

Molly and Randy Williams, Oakland, CA

Dearest Mary,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! for making our declaration of love and our wedding vows so spiritual, meaningful, heartfelt, grace filled and lovely. Exactly what we wanted. You were perfect and touched everyone there! Thanks for blessing our marriage!

All our love, Irene and Ron

Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you Mary for your beautiful presence at our wedding and for making it the  most precious ceremony I’ve ever seen. All my love, Lisa

Mary...So many angels brought you to us. Having you be part of our wedding was a most precious gift. Thank you for your beautiful spirit! Norton

Lisa Flores and Norton Buffalo

Sonoma, CA

Dear Rev. Mary,

This letter is to thank you again for performing the recent wedding ceremony of my daughter...to my new son-in-law...

The ceremony was warm, personal, and touching. You did a wonderful job of relaxing the bride and groom and their party, adding a touch of humor in just the right places, and capturing the essence of who they are as individuals and as a couple.

  As a former wedding coordinator, I was very impressed at how well you organized all of the participants at the rehearsal. You had a remarkable understanding of the “big picture,” and gently took command of the situation. At these times, people are under stress, and uncertain of how to proceed. Your presence assured all present that they were in good hands, and we left the rehearsal knowing that all would be well on the big day. And it was!!!

  We received many compliments from our guests regarding the wedding ceremony, and several people inquired about you for upcoming weddings in their families. I hope you hear from them in the future, for they would be blessed and fortunate to have you perform their ceremonies.

  We would be happy to recommend your services to any prospective brides and grooms who may be considering you.

  Again, thank you for being such a special part of a very important family occasion.

  We hope to see you soon.

Warmest regards, Janice

Los Angeles, CA


Mary does an amazing job! People still compliment me on my wedding ceremony.

   -Hillary Taggart, wedding date: September 19, 2011

Mary did our wedding ceremony as well! It was absolutely perfect! We had so many compliments from our friends and family!

    -Kiran Manhas Schaffer, wedding date: October 12, 2013

I agree with Hillary! Mary does a fabulous job with weddings. I also have gotten compliments over the years about how much my guests loved my wedding ceremony. One of the very best days of my life.

    -Jenna Hardy Noelke, wedding date: January 5, 2002

I concur that Mary's wedding ceremonies are fantastic!!! Our wedding ceremony was just beautiful...Mary exudes such heart and joy!

    -Naomi Ora Swanson, wedding date: August 2, 2008

A personal testimony, Mary performed my ceremony and it was a magical day!

    -Larry Thielen, wedding date: October 25, 2008

Mary did our wedding almost 25 years ago. It was magical. And the rose ceremony she creates is full of love....We could not have had a more perfect day.

    -Michelle Radomski, wedding date: May 6, 1989

Mary ministered the rose ceremony for my daughter. It was a very moving experience.

She does wonderful baptisms too!

    -Richard Schoellhorn, his daughter and son-in-law Ariana and Jake Pritchett’s wedding date:

     September 4, 2005 (baby blessing for their son, January 23, 2010)