Create An Elegant Ring Exchange

    Usually the wedding couples fumble through the ring exchange as they try to correctly repeat their vows. The exchange can be even more challenging if the pair has written their vows and each is trying to remember what was memorized.

For simplicity, I have written the tip below as if it's for a traditional couple, but this works the same way for same sex couples.

Here are five wedding tips to make this part of your ceremony go smoothly:

     1.      Get a copy (in advance) of the vows the wedding officiant will have you repeat and say them out loud five times during the week before the wedding. This is an old actor’s trick to set up muscle memory. Believe it or not, it will be easier for you to repeat your vows smoothly the day of the ceremony if you’ve done this in advance.

     2.      If you have written your own vows, practice #1 above, but also be sure your officiant has a copy of what you will say to each other so you can be prompted if you forget.  If you don’t mind reading your vows to each other you can give your officiant copies of the vows on two cards in large print. When it’s your turn to speak, the officiant will hand yours to you and take it back when you have finished.

     3.      When it’s time to exchange rings, the officiant will get the first ring and bless it.  At this time the groom can offer his left hand (palm side up) for the bride to rest her left hand upon. When the groom takes the ring in his right hand he will place it on her left hand as it rests on his.This is illustrated in the photo above.  Continue to hold left hands.

     4.      The bride, still resting her left on his, will simply turn the groom’s left hand over when it is time to place the ring she is giving to him on his hand.  The officiant will get that ring, bless it, and give it to her.  The bride will take the ring in her right hand and slide it onto the groom’s ring finger on his left hand, which is now resting on hers. Voila! Simple and elegant. Of course this process works better with a little practice, too, and if either of the pair is left-handed this process may not work as well.

     5.      One more tip: on wedding days hands tend to swell a bit, and rings generally fit snugly as it is. You can make it much easier for your loved one to slide the ring onto your finger by using a little hand lotion before the ceremony.

    This is your day, so do this preparation beforehand to insure that you can enjoy the ceremony, feeling confident that the parts you do yourself go smoothly.

That way you can really listen to the beautiful vows from your beloved, and can express your love without distraction when it’s time for you to speak.