Try A Brilliant Ring Blessing for a Small Wedding

Friends of mine recently attended a wedding between a Muslim woman and a Jewish man.  The grandmother of the groom crocheted a lace doily to decorate a special ring pouch made from the flags of Pakistan and Denmark, the ancestral homes of the couple's families. The doily decorated the outside of the bag and the wedding rings were placed inside.

During the wedding ceremony, the pouch was passed among the guests, where each person held the pouch over his or her heart to bless it. After the pouch had lovingly passed from one person to the next, it reached the altar in time for the ring exchange.  Once the pouch returned to the wedding party, the rings were exchanged in the usual way.

This is a brilliant alternative to the usual blessing of the rings that is done only by the clergy person performing the ceremony.  It includes the beloved guests in a commitment to support the love of this couple as they embark on their shared life together. The process also demonstrates to the couple how very loved they are by their families and friends.